Company Overview


Jemsec International is a highly specialised security company which has established itself at the forefront in the fight against international terrorism. The company is an association of British security specialists selected from Special Forces and the Intelligence services.


Our services have made it possible for our clients to remain in, or establish new business interests in some of the most volatile countries in world. During our 12-year history, the company has been involved regularly in high profile and highly complex contracts involving multinational corporations, financial institutions, shipping, oil, aid agencies and private clients based in the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America.

Jemsec International provides covert specialist security services to all industry sectors. Our unique methodology and unrivalled expertise, allow our clients to continue to operate and overcome serious security threats without attracting unwelcome and diverse publicity.

Mission Statement


JISSS is dedicated to the development of all people and organisations with which we work. We operate with integrity and professionalism; demonstrate sensitivity to needs and commitment to excellence.


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