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JISSS provide consultancy in the following fields of expertise:


  • Corporate Intelligence

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning    

  • Disaster Co-ordination 

  • Crisis Recovery

  • Anti-terrorism

  • Hostage Crisis Management (K&R)

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  • Maritime Security

  • Counter Industrial Espionage

  • Security Training

  • Bomb Procedures

  • Logistics

  • High Profile Corporate Events   

  • Business and Personal Security Awareness

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Close Protection Teams


JISSS provide the following types of close protection

This type of close protection is available to the media and organisations visiting or working in combat areas.


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Surveillance Teams


Surveillance can provide valuable information in a varying amount of circumstances, ranging from a member of staff having suspicious meetings with a competitor or quantities of stock being stolen.


JISSS provide the following types of surveillance

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Reconnaissance Teams

This form of surveillance can be extremely useful in determining the threats associated with new business ventures and investments in high-risk or extremely volatile countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The following can be achieved by the use of JISSS reconnaissance teams:

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Ocean Liners

JISSS conducts covert ship security assessments, including on-board surveys:

Onboard Anti-terrorist Teams

During periods of high alert or as a result of receiving a direct terrorist threat, JISSS can deploy covert specialist 4, 6, 8, and 12-man Counter Revolutionary Warfare Teams (C.R.W).

Four main points of responsibilities:

*    Once the C.R.W team has accomplished its first three responsibilities as outlined above, they will be available to conduct reconnaissance tasks and execute diversions to aid government forces should they be required to storm the ship. 


For further details contact:

Maritime Piracy

Incidents of Piracy and hijackings resulting in kidnap & ransom continue to increase each year in:

  • Bangladesh

  • India

  • Malacca straits

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

  • Gulf of Aden

  • Somalia

  • Colombia

  • Cuba

  • Dominican Republic

  • Ecuador

  • Guyana

  • Jamaica

  • Peru

JISSS can provide the following services:

  • Specialist security personnel to board vessels prior to moving through high risk areas.

  • Specialist reconnaissance teams to locate hijacked ships and cargos

  • Specialist surveillance teams to identify key buyers and sellers of illegal pirated goods.

  • Specialist extraction teams to recover ships crews and or vessels.

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Hostage Crisis Management


If your company has offices or sends personnel abroad, you will already be aware of the increasing threats against them. The war against terrorism and in particular the global effort to seize terrorist funds has dramatically increased the threat of Kidnap & Ransom to corporations all over the world, and with the fall of Saddam Hussein many terrorist groups will now obtain their funding through intensifying their efforts in conducting kidnap & ransom.


Aside from the devastating physical and mental effects kidnapping can have on its victims, it can also result in multi-million pound lawsuits. Increasingly, victims are suing their employers for not taking reasonable care in securing their safety; unsurprisingly, most lawsuits are settled out of court to avoid diverse publicity.

JISSS can assist in preventing and resolving incidents of kidnap & ransom by implementing proven corporate crisis management principles, training and hostage negotiations.

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Extraction Teams

Today's financial pressures often force corporations to seek or accept contracts in high-risk countries in order to stay afloat or keep up with the competition.


Vast amounts of money can be made in providing various services in countries recovering from civil war, past regimes or in developing countries. Unfortunately, this can often result in companies being targeted for kidnap & ransom by terrorist groups and organised crime syndicates, aided by corrupt police and government officials. 

The Gulf War highlighted how vulnerable foreign personnel can become when civil unrest or war breaks out. Modern warfare can move at frightening speed, isolating corporate personnel and preventing them from leaving the country by normal and safe means. Many corporate employees have been killed trying to leave hostile regions at military or paramilitary checkpoints, or by hostile crowds looting residences and offices known to be occupied by foreign businesspeople.

JISSS offer security teams to escort corporate personnel out of potentially hostile regions by normal and safe means before it becomes to late. Should incidents occur when personnel are trapped, taken hostage or law and order has broken down that puts corporate lives at risk, we can deploy specialist teams to secure their safety and if need be extract them via planned alternative routes.     

In all circumstances you can drastically reduce our response time and the threats against your personnel by commissioning us to write up contingency plans for your personnel to implement in preparation for their extraction.

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Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is one of the most committed, least publicised and misunderstood crimes in business today. Hundreds of spies from Britain, America and Russia became surplus to requirement at the end of the cold war and have since carved out an extremely lucrative career selling their skills to the highest bidder.  


Spies of this calibre have brought a new dimension to industrial espionage, their ability to infiltrate a company, remain undetected and cover themselves should suspicion arise, make it extremely difficult for companies to identify that they have been targeted until it is to late.


JISSS offer a range of services dedicated to identifying, preventing and investigating industrial espionage.

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Aid Organisations (NGO)

Increased hostility directed against aid workers by warring factions has dramatically effected their ability to deliver food, clothing and clean water. In many regions medical personnel are prevented from inoculating communities against diseases resulting in many thousands of needless deaths. 

JISSS can help reduce the risks to aid workers in their delivery of aid by providing assistance in the following areas:

This is high-level close protection for personnel working in high-risk combat areas.


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Corporate Training

JISSS design, develop and deliver security management training packages in the following general and specialised areas:

All courses are designed to meet your specific requirements. 

For further details contact:

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Corporate & Personal Security awareness courses

JISSS design, develop and deliver corporate and personal security awareness courses in the following specialist fields. 

All courses are designed to meet your specific requirements. 

For further details contact:

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Logistics support teams

Please note: This service is presently only available in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The present level of violence in both Afghanistan and Iraq is preventing construction companies from completing their contracts. A major concern is the ability to safely move materials overland.

Companies contracting personnel to undertake work in telecommunications, engineering, agricultural and financial services are presently experiencing forced delays due to their inability to secure the safety of their personnel on site. 

JISSS can provide logistical teams to undertake the following tasks:

For further details contact:

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Consisting of:


Contractors Offering:


JISSS Services:


  • Re-supply Depots

  • Hospitals

  • Accommodation

  • Maintenance Workshops

  • R&R Facilities

  • Media Centre

  • Aid & Distribution Depots

  • Airfield

  • Conference Facilities

  • Regional Headquarters

  • Aid Organisations




  • Charter Helicopters

  • Charter Planes

  • 4x4 Vehicle Hire

  • Armoured Vehicle Hire

  • Mobile Site Offices

  • Aircraft Maintenance

  • Water purification

  • Vehicle & Aviation Fuel

  • Construction Vehicles

  • Finance & Banking

  • Insurance

  • Petrochemical

  • Gas Engineers

  • Electrical Engineers

  • IT Consultants

  • Construction


  • Close Protection
  • Extraction Teams
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Convoy Escorts
  • On Site Security
  • Evacuation
  • Relay Communications
  • Safe Haven
  • Logistics
  • Reconnaissance

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