Jemsec International would like to invite you to submit your Curriculum Vitae for large projects pending in Iraq. Please read our minimum criteria carefully before contacting us.

Minimum Criteria:

Jemsec International are presently only interested in British specialist personnel with Military Intelligence and Special Forces backgrounds.


Ex-Military Intelligence

  • MI5 (min 6yrs service)

  • MI6 (min 6yrs service)

  • SIS (min 6yrs service)

Ex-Special Forces

  • S.A.S (min 6yrs service not including pre-selection)

  • S.B.S (min 6yrs service not including pre-selection)

In Addition

  • Ex-Parachute Regiment "Pathfinder's" (min 6yrs service)

  • Ex- Royal Marines "Brigade Recce Force" (Min 6yrs service)

  • Ex-Ghurkhas (min 6yrs service)


  • Demolitions & Mine Warfare (Min 6yrs service, discharge less than 2 yrs)

  • Class 1 Combat Medics (Min 6yrs service, discharge less than 2yrs)

  • Linguists (Min: Fluent in four languages including Arabic)


If you fit the above criteria, please send your details to:


Please note: Due to the large volume of applicants, we will only acknowledge applications that fully meet the above minimum criteria.


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